On October 10, Georgia celebrated the National Day of Foresters. On this occasion, the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection awarded people from the Ministry and external organizations, who distinguished themselves for their valuable contribution to the development of the state forest sector. Marika Kavtarishvili, FLEG II Country Program Coordinator for IUCN Georgia, earned this prestigious award thanks to her dedication and commitment to the improvement and conservation of the national forestry resources.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection together with GIZ and CENN, and attended by the Minister and the Deputy-Minister, the head of the National Forestry Agency, the head of the Forest Policy Service and other staff of the Ministry, as well as the representatives from ADA Caucasus Office, GIZ Caucasus Office, foreign Embassies, NGO sector, Scientific institutions, regions etc.

More information can be found on the MoENRP’s website.


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