eco.mont includes peer-reviewed account of transfer to local control in its July 2015 edition

The transfer of management control of forests within the Tusheti Protected Landscape to local Tusheti people was the first decentralization of land management in Georgia since the beginning of the Soviet era. It took many years and concerted efforts from many actors, and today the eco.mont Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research published the account in its July 2015 edition.


Marika Kavtarishvili, FLEG II country program coordinator for IUCN Georgia and a native of the Tusheti region wrote the article describing the Tusheti Protected Landscape Administration’s (TPLA) unique authority to manage the forests in the Protected Area. No other Protected Area in Georgia is under such local control.

As mentioned in the FLEG II story about the transfer, the TPLA consists of nine members, seven of which are Tushetians, who are responsible for the management decisions regarding the forests within the Tusheti Protected Landscape.


  • At over 2000 square kilometres, the Tusheti Protected Landscape is one of Europe’s largest Protected Areas
  • It took from 2003 to 2011 to establish the Tusheti Protected Landscape Administration to receive management authority and until September 2014 to complete the transfer of official duties.

The article in eco.mont highlights the immense natural value of the area, its long history of use by the local people, and the benefits local control to both the environment and the local communities. As an attorney, Kavtarishvili also gives a credible account of the legal basis for the management transfer with lessons that could be valuable for those considering local control in other forests or Protec ted Areas and includes a section on FLEG’s contributions to the transfer.

The eco.mont journal where this article appears publishes peer-reviewed articles on research within protected mountain areas and its potential interest for protected area management. The journal focuses on alpine Protected Areas and on other European or global mountain PAs.

The Tusheti Protected Landscape is classified as a category V protected area by IUCN, which means it is a unique “area where the interaction of people and nature over time has produced an area of distinct character with significant ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value; and where safeguarding the integrity of this interaction is vital to protecting and sustaining the area and its associated nature conservation and other values.”

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