The Geo Forest Portal is an information database that collects a wide range of information related to Georgian forests and forest sector, such as publications, best practices, legislation, management strategies, education and trainings, etc. The database was developed based on the so called “one window” principle, which allows the visitors to receive all the information freely available on the web on a specific topic with one click.

The aim of the Geo Forest Portal is to support the systematization and optimization of forest-related data and to make it available to relevant stakeholders, such as NGO sector, and the general public.

The Geo Forest Portal ensures easy access to highly reliable forest-related information. Moreover, it provides interactive thematic maps, e.g. forest coverage, forest coverage on district levels, forest fires, pests and diseases in Georgian forests, etc.

Last but not least, the Geo Forest Portal supports the transfer of knowledge from global actors of the forest sector to local forest-dependent communities, and provides international actors with relevant information on Georgian forests. 


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